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 ETCS Cleaning

Virus Containment Cleaning

Virus Containment Cleaning

Over the years ETCS services have been employed by many hospitals, councils, police, social services and private/public sector prisons to carry out specialist cleaning where body fluids have been spilt.


Our service will ensure a 24/7 365 cover should an incident occur and we will have a specialist team with you within 2 hours to control and manage the situation.


We have also developed successful strategies to deal with outbreaks connected with illness such as the Virus, where containment and elimination of the bug is required to reduce and eliminate the presentation of new cases. Our team is able to seal off infected areas and carry out cleaning of all surfaces, including the air in the room, to effectively bring any epidemic under control. ​


We are experts in making your environment safe and secure within 2 hours of your call and once disinfected and cleaned we issue you a decontamination certificate for your records.

All spray products are natural and biodegradable so are safe for use in all environments. ​ Here at Elite Trauma Cleaning Services we have invested heavily in the latest cleaning technologies to ensure we are able to deliver cleaning and decontamination services to the highest level and at the quickest speed. ​ We also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of any viral outbreaks, such as the recent Covid-19 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus eruption across the globe and see it as our duty to help contain it and ultimately save lives.

Virus Containment ETCS Cleaning
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