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Insurance Repair & Remediation

Etcs are insurance repair specialists helping property insurance providers nationwide make repair and remediation simple, effortless and easy for their customers.

Our services completely and efficiently resolve fire and smoke damage, water ingress and flood damage, building subsidence, storm and wind damage and impact damage to both domestic dwellings and commercial properties with project values ranging between £5,000 to £2m.

Operationally, we are highly efficient leveraging the best from both people and technology to create a best in class service. Our offering has been configured to meet the most demanding client requirements and KPIs. We have a genuine appetite for setting the standard in customer service.

Through directly employing our specialist tradespeople we’re able to both provide a multi-trade service and a fully managed solution.

Our operatives are personable, courteous individuals that you can trust to protect your company's reputation with your customer. They are problem-solvers, conflict resolution providers and are passionate about making the entire process as customer centric as possible.

With 10 years experience of completing repair and remediation projects throughout the UK working for the nation's largest insurance companies we’re adept at fulfilling the needs of both the provider and the policyholder.

Our reputation for excellence extends to all phases, including initial project assessment and planning, through disaster management, reconstruction, restoration, remediation and after care.

Our aim is to always get the policy holder back into their property in the most efficient way possible. Whether the disaster is fire, flood or impact based we diligently manage every aspect of the repair process.

Elite's unrivalled dedication, integrity and application of technical skills is the foundation of success for each project and the reason why we continue to receive outstanding positive feedback from extremely satisfied customers.

To find out more about Etcs insurance repair & remediation contracting services please contact us.

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