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 ETCS Cleaning

Bio-hazard & Trauma Cleaning 


 ​We understand traumatic situations such as crime scenes or a road accident can be distressing, and we will provide a rapid, discreet and comprehensive cleaning and disinfection service. ​ Biohazardous waste and other health hazards can be present at the scene, so it is important that a professional respond's quickly, to help prevent the spread of infection and to ensure the site is sterile.


There are also strict guidelines and legislation surrounding the removal of waste from crime and trauma scenes, so a specialist service is advised. ​ We provide an expert trauma cleaning service using specialist decontamination and cleaning techniques. Our highly trained technicians safely remove and  dispose of biohazards and disinfect the area helping to minimise the risk of infection. ​

Virus Containment Cleaning

Bio Containment Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning

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